Roles of the Management Committee
1 President
The President is the figurehead of the Society, has a major input into the Society’s activities and
represents the Society at meetings and events.
The President also:
(1) Chairs the regular Tuesday evening Society Meetings
Welcomes the Guest speakers and Judges
Arranges any votes of thanks
Informs the Society members of future syllabus and other forthcoming events
(2) Chairs the Annual General Meeting
(3) Chairs the Committee Meetings
(4) Hosts the Annual Dinner
2 Vice President
The Vice President is expected to take over as President (subject to election at an AGM) once the
current President has completed their term of office.
The Vice President stands in if the President is unavailable. Traditionally, the Vice President gives
the vote of thanks to the judge at the Annual Dinner.
3 Past President
The Past President will stand in for the President or Vice President if both are unavailable.
4 General Secretary
The General Secretary is responsible to the Committee for the overall administration of the
Society, namely:
(1) General administration
General correspondence
Members’ information bulletins
Annual dinner booking confirmations and details
(2) Committee meetings
Send out notices and the agenda for Committee meetings
Take the minutes of the Committee meetings and circulate them to Committee
Keep file records of the Committee meetings
Provide secretarial services as and when required for the Committee
(3) Annual General Meeting
Send out notices and the agenda in advance of the AGM to all Society members
Take the minutes of the AGM and circulate to all Society members
(4) St Edmund’s Church Matters
Maintain contact with St Edmund’s representatives
Send the new summer and winter syllabus to the St Edmund’s contact, together
with details of dates as confirmation of the hall booking
(5) Organise the display of images at the Annual Exhibition and liaise with the venue
(6) Send out the entry forms and basic rules for the Robinson and Awmack
competitions and the Annual Exhibition and the YPU entries
5 Treasurer
The Treasurer is responsible to the Management Committee for:-
(1) Control of overall financial status of the Society
Maintenance of the Society’s bank accounts
Control of the Society’s expenditure under the instruction of the Committee
(2) Membership
Collect annual subscriptions from members
Issue annual membership cards to members
Liaise with the Membership Secretary in order to maintain records of membership
and members’ details
(3) Accounts
Submit final accounts for auditing before the AGM
Submit the final accounts for approval at the AGM
6 Programme Secretary
(1) Coordinates, organises and records the meetings of the Programme Committee
(2) Puts forward items for the programme for approval (including budget approval) by the
(3) Presents the summer and winter programmes, together with the budgets, to the
7 Membership Secretary
(1) Maintains a database of members’ personal and contact details in conjunction with
the Treasurer
(2) Deals with all new member enquiries
(3) Informs members of the password for the Members’ area of the website
(4) Provides membership information to the Committee members as
(5) Provides a report on the membership status to the President before the AGM and at
Committee meetings
8 Publicity Officer
(1) Promotes the Society in the media and at other appropriate places and events
(2) Publicises Society events and activities to the public
(3) Updates the social networking sites and provides the Webmaster with information
(4) Finds and appoints advertisers and sponsors for the syllabus and other events
9 General Committee Members (4 members)
The General Committee Members will:
(1) Attend Committee meetings
(2) Undertake tasks and projects as agreed with the Management Committee
(3) Help with the setting up and running of the regular Society meetings and at other
(4) Liaise with Society members regarding the running of meetings and the syllabus
Other Roles
10 Competition Secretary
(1) Organises and runs the Society Print and Digital competitions
(2) Appoints the judges for the competitions
(3) Collects and correlates the entries from the members and delivers them to the judge
together with judging instructions
(4) Runs the competitions at the Society meetings
(5) Organises the Robinson and Awmack competitions at the Annual Dinner
(6) Records points for the LPS Prints and Digital competition, the Inter-Club, the Annual
Exhibition, YPU Acceptances and Photographer of the Year, for the award of
trophies presented at the AGM
(7) Produces Certificates for the LPS and Robinson and Awmack Competitions and
the Annual Exhibition
(8) Ensures that all entries comply with the competition rules
(9) Keeps a record of all entries and results for all the competitions
(10) Provides the President with details of trophy winners
11 YPU Representatives
(1) Attend the Club Representatives’ meetings with the YPU Executive
(2) Report back to the Committee
(3) Organise the Society entries for the YPU Annual Exhibition and ensure that all entries fully
comply with the YPU rules.
12 Inter-Club Representatives
(1) Organise the Society’s Inter-Club selections
(2) Take the Society’s entries to the Inter-Club competition venue
(3) Attend the Inter-Club Group’s meetings
(4) Report back to the Committee
13 Syllabus Committee Members
(1) Attend meetings to organise and set the summer and winter syllabuses
(2) Contact and appoint speakers, guest speakers and Society member speakers
(3) Prepare the syllabus for printing
14 Webmaster
(1) Maintains the Society’s website
(2) Keeps the website content up to date with fresh images, competition results and other
information (all of these supplied by other Committee members where needed)
15 Auditor
(1) Receives a copy of the accounts from the Treasurer prior to the AGM
(2) Reviews the accounts for accuracy and gives a report to the Members at each AGM
certifying that the accounts presented by the Treasurer are accurate
16 Projectionist
(1) Maintains a level of technical skill with the Society’s audio-visual and computer equipment
(2) Assists in setting up the equipment before the start of each meeting and in packing
equipment away following each meeting
(3) Operates the equipment during a meeting
Revised: April 2016