LPS 2018 competition results

LPS 1 competition 2018-2019 for DPIs
18th September 2018
Judge Keaton Roebuck

LPS 1 - DPI 2018 Colour theme Open

16Ted ClementsFollow the leader
25Ted ClementsHelicoptor Pyrotechnics
34John ChesterRushing
43Eva PittLong shadows
52Catherine HilditchFrom Darkness to Light
61Tina BulleyRomance is in the air

LPS 1 - DPI 2018 Mono theme An every day object

16Eva PittEats socks
25Ted ClementsTea cup and saucer
34Andrew JackBeating time
43Bill ChatwinSalt and pepper
52Nicola BillowsA bedside lamp
61Clive HudsonA T spoon

LPS 2 competition 2018-2019 for Prints
23rd October 2018
Judge Chris Hodgson

LPS 2 - Prints 2018 Mono theme Abandoned

16Eva PittSad end
25Jose ClossWorkhouse death room
34Ray HattrellVictorian Bath
43Eva PittIt's not you it's me
52Ted ClementsLeft to nature
61Ray HatterellMemories

LPS 2 - Prints 2018 Colour Open

16Jose ClossDissolving swans
25Jose ClossBlue dress
34Nicola BillowsA healthy catch of sand eels
43Monty TrentThe white village
52Eva PittTime warp
61Ray HatterellSea Wall


LPS 3 competition 2018-2019 for DPI
27th November 2018
Judge Sally Sellett

LPS 3 - DPI 2018 Colour The Golden Hour

16Norman RobertsonFirst Dawn over Wharfdale
25Jose ClossEmerging
34Eva PittGold meets blue
43Ted ClementsBraakfast at dawn
52Ian BigginsNovember on the Costa del Humber
61Clive HudsonDustanburgh castle

LPS 3 - DPI 2018 MonoOpen

16Jose ClossEtruscan World
25Tina BulleyHome coming
34Eva PittBig Ben boogie
43Ted ClementsClose racing
52Tina BulleyConcentration
61Keith BrightwellLeaves