Keynote speakers

Keynote Speakers- September 2018- March 2019

4th September  DSLR Astrophotography: An Introduction – Dr Lee Sproats – The talk will detail how to begin astrophotography.  Lee will cover some basics of astronomy to give an overview of what is up in the night sky to photograph.  This will be followed by a look at different techniques and methods and what basic, simple and inexpensive equipment can be used.  Lee will bring a range of equipment so that demonstrations can be given and you can see the equipment up close.

9th October – Giles Rocholl – From Newspapers to Modern Commercial and Landscape Photography – A quick trip through Giles’ 38 years of his professional photography career based in Yorkshire, starting at the weekly newspapers through to the Yorkshire Post and the last 19 years as a commercial and landscape photographer plus a look to the future.

30th October – Neil Wittman, ARPS – A Different Approach for the 21st Century
Neil will show and explain his Licentiate and Associate Panels and a prospective Fellowship Panel that he is currently working on interspersed with other work from along the way.

20th November – John Gardner – Another Day at the Office – John will show a mixture of images covering all aspects of his life as a commercial photographer including nature, wedding, portrait, commercial and studio work. Some possible images of nudity

11th December – Terry Donnelly FRPS FSWPP FBPE MPAGB EFIAP – Terry will begin the evening by showing some of his award winning images taken with Sony mirrorless cameras. Following the break, he will explain how the images were taken and answer any questions about the equipment on show and how it can be best used. He will be supported by a member of staff from Jessops and a digital imaging expert from Sony UK plus a full range of Sony kit for members to look at and handle (just in time for Christmas!).

15th January – Steve Gosling – Hyperbole, Exaggeration & Distortion – an insight into Steve’s philosophy, beliefs and the principles that underpin his work. He will talk about the importance of emotion in photography, about how photographs should be less about technical perfection and more about communication and how we photographers should be true to our vision & not constrained by desires to please others with our images.

19th February – Andrea Hargreaves EFIAP DPAGB BP3 PSA4 – The Art of Metamorphosis – The Art of Metamorphosis is the journey Andrea’s images take from photoshoot to finished print or pdi. She will show how her workflow has developed and the metamorphosis of a straight image into a fantasy creation. There may be some images of nudity.

12th March – Mark Gilligan FBIPP LRPS – A Bit of a Journey – the presentation plots Mark’s career from advertising, BBC TV, Home Office Photography and Video National Director and his concurrent life as a Professional Landscape Photographer

Attendance at these talks is free to members of the LPS (Annual membership just £40)
Non-members are welcome to attend any of the above presentations at a charge of £5
(refundable against membership fee if you subsequently join the society)