Inter club competition results 2017 – 2018 for LPS members

Inter club competition 1   Saturday 21st October 2017
Held at Bradford Camera Club

Ian WrayFire at Drummond's Mill20
Eva PittThe spirit of G & T18
Nicola BillowsCatch of the day18
Ted ClementsFlying the flag16
Jose ClossStairwell, Victoria Gate, Leeds17

Leeds were in 2nd place 6 points behind the leaders Cookridge


Inter club competition 2   Saturday 25th November 2017
Held at Bradford Photographic Society

Ray HatterellSHOUT17
Ian WrayJet ski racer20
Nicola BillowsComing in for a dive20
Ted ClementsHovering hoverfly11
Jose ClossHarbour sunrise18

Leeds were in 4th place 9 points behind the winners Ossett
We are now 4th with 174 points, 6 points behind the leaders Huddersfield

Inter club competition 3   Saturday 17th March 2018
Held at Dewsbury Photo Group

Ted ClementsFrogs on a log20
Eva PittYork Minster chapter house ceiling20
Jose ClossBright tree tops14
Ian WrayLoch Tulla and the Black Mount16
Eva PittQuaking grass18

Leeds were in 2nd place 4 points behind the winners Cookridge
We are now 3rd with 262 points, 11 points behind the leaders Cookridge

Inter club competition 4   Saturday 15th April 2018
Held at Leeds Co-op PS

Jose ClossTwo figures18
Ian WrayYork Minster chapter Back lit sea eagle18
Monty TrentDark hedges19
Jose ClossInto the fret20
Eva PittWorms eye view16

LPS  were placed fourth, 3 points behind the winners Bradford CC
After the 4th and  final round we were placed overall third with 353 points, 13 points behind the overall winners Cookridge.