Data protection GDPR policy


This document describes the Data Privacy policy for the Leeds Photographic Society (the “Society”), covering the personal data that we keep about members and what we use that data for.

The Society is established in accordance with its constitution for the benefit of its members.  In order to function the Society stores and processes certain personal data about its members and, in respect of such data, the Society is the Data Controller for the purposes of the relevant data protection legislation.

  1. Data held:

Contact details:  Name, Email address, Contact telephone number and Home address
Competition information:  Entries, Results, Awards won, Distinctions earned
Images: photographic images entered into competitions or submitted to the Society together with the photographer’s name
Other:  Names may be included in Society minutes or other documentation and on the Society’s website.

  1. How data is collected and stored

Contact details are collected by the membership secretary when a new member joins the Society.  They are stored in a Word or Excel document and also as an email distribution list.  Full membership details are held by the Society’s President, General Secretary, Treasurer and Membership Secretary.  Contact information may be passed to other committee members or members of the Society where required, however this will be limited to the information actually needed by a person for a specific purpose.
competition information and images are collected on an ad hoc basis as a member enters a competition, wins an award etc.  They will be stored in documents or computer records relating to the relevant event (such as an entry list for a specific competition).

  1. Processing of data

a). We send information about future meetings, Society notices etc to all members.  We may also send more specific information to a subset of members if not relevant to everyone.
b). We receive information about a number of photography-related events, exhibitions, opportunities etc and forward those that we feel are relevant and likely to be of interest to members
c). We provide individual members’ details to other parties where necessary for the activities of the Society.  For example, where a member submits an entry for an Interclub or YPU competition we provide the required information with the entry.
d). Some information is added to our archive records, such as a historical record of competition winners or names included in minutes.
e). Individual’s names may appear on the Society’s website, either because they have a role within the Society or to record their contribution (for example, a credit as the author of an image).  Other details may be provided with the consent of the member (such as a link to their personal website).

  1. Correction of errors

If any member’s contact details change or are incorrect then please notify the Membership Secretary (or President or General Secretary if the Membership Secretary is not contactable) with the new information.
If any information in the Society’s documents or historical record is incorrect then please inform either the President or the General Secretary.

  1. Deletion of information

a). If you wish to cease membership immediately and have your contact details removed from the Society’s records then please notify the Membership Secretary accordingly.
b). If you do not renew your membership when due then, after a grace period of up to two months, your membership will lapse. At that point your contact details will be removed from the Society’s records but up to that point you may continue to receive information regarding events etc.
c). Archive information in the Society’s records will not be removed unless it is inaccurate.

  1. What we don’t do

We do not give information about members to third parties, other than as noted above where necessary for the activities of the Society (such as with competition entries).  We do not give the membership list to anyone outside the Society.