(revised in 2016)

The aim of the Society is to promote photography and its techniques among its members through lectures, demonstrations, competitions, exhibitions, informal discussion and co-operation.

1 The Society will be called ‘Leeds Photographic Society’.

2 The management of the Society will be vested in a Committee to be elected annually by a ballot and to consist of:

Officers: President
Vice President
Past President
General Secretary
Programme Secretary
Membership Secretary
Publicity Officer

and up to 4 other members of the Society (who may also hold other roles but are not Officers).

Each committee member (other than the Past President) will be re-elected at the AGM each year.  The President and Vice President are each expected to serve for two years unless there are exceptional circumstances. The role of Past President will be filled by the immediate predecessor to the current President without election unless a majority of members present at a General Meeting vote in favour of a motion to remove the Past President from the Committee.  In the event that a Past President resigns or is removed from or is otherwise unable to take up their role on the Committee then a further member of the Society (who will not be an Officer) may be elected.

3 The Management Committee will meet about six times or as required over the year.

4 The following posts, which may be held by an ordinary member or committee member, are appointed by the Management Committee:

Competition Secretary (maximum 2 people)
YPU Representatives (2 as per YPU requirement)
Inter-Club Representatives (maximum 2 people)
Programme Committee (minimum 3 people inclusive of the Programme Secretary)

5 The Ordinary Meetings of the Society will be held on such dates and at such times as the Committee determines from time to time.

6 The Annual General Meeting, at which the Report and Balance Sheet will be presented, will be held on an Ordinary Meeting night in late March or April.

7 The Committee will be elected by ballot at the Annual General Meeting after the Report and Balance Sheet has been passed, the Officers to be elected prior to the other members of the Committee.

8 Ordinary members of the Society, may be invited to attend Committee meetings  but will not have a vote.

9 Any member may be nominated, or may nominate themselves,  to fill a Committee post by  notice in writing given to the General Secretary at least seven days before the Annual General Meeting. In the event that no valid nominations are received by the cut-off date seven days prior to the Annual General Meeting then nominations will be accepted at the Annual General Meeting.

10 The nominations will be entered on a list to be made available for the inspection of members prior to the AGM and to be available during the AGM.  Election will be by ballot at the Annual General Meeting unless only one nomination for a post has been received in which case that person shall be elected unopposed.

11 The Committee will have the power to fill any casual vacancy occurring on the Committee from the time of such vacancy arising until the next Annual General Meeting of the Society.

12 A Special General Meeting will be called within 28 days on the written request of ten members, addressed to the General Secretary, defining the precise nature of the business to be transacted.

13 All Committee and Special General Meetings will be convened by circular, stating clearly the business to be transacted.  At least seven days notice will be given.

14 At General Meetings members will have only one vote and the President (or Vice President if the President is not in attendance) will have a second or casting vote.  A quarter of the members eligible to attend such meeting will form a quorum for a vote at General Meetings and a minimum

of five in the case of Committee Meetings.  Except where specified under Rules 18 or 26, decisions require a simple majority only.

15 The Committee will have power to elect as an Honorary Life Member of the Society anyone who has rendered special service to the Society or to photography generally.  No more than three Honorary Life Members are to be elected in one year and the total number of such members will not exceed eight.

16 Applicants for membership of the Society will complete an application form giving their contact details, together with the appropriate membership fee.  A member may be expelled from the Society by a resolution of the Committee should they have reasonable grounds for believing that continuing the person’s membership would not be in the best interests of the Society.

17 Non-members may attend meetings of the Society at the discretion of the Committee and subject to payment of a visitor’s fee set by the Committee.  Visitors who have attended three meetings in a year will normally be expected to become members, and pay the appropriate subscription, if they wish to continue to attend.  If a visitor decides to become a member, the visitor’s fees they have paid in that year will be credited against the subscription fee due.

18 Any member wishing to propose an alteration in the Constitution will give one month’s notice to the General Secretary in writing.  Such alteration is to be considered at a Special General Meeting called for the purpose or at the next Annual General Meeting.  The proposed alteration or alterations are to be operative if sanctioned by a vote of two thirds of the members present.

19 The Committee will have power to act in any emergency.  It will also have the power to appoint Sub-Committees to deal with special matters and to co-opt members who are not themselves members of the Committee, but the Chairman of any such Sub-Committee will be a member of the Committee.

20 The Treasurer will collect all subscriptions and will keep the funds of the Society, make up the accounts for a date at least 14 days before the Annual General Meeting in each year and cause the same to be audited by the Auditor.  The financial year will run from 1st March to the end of February.

21 The General Secretary will supply to any member on request a copy of this Constitution of the Society.  A copy is to be made available on the Society’s website.

22 The annual subscriptions for the following year will be proposed by the Committee at each Annual General Meeting (or at a Special General Meeting called for the purpose) and will be agreed by a vote of members present at the General Meeting.  Subscriptions are non-refundable and payable in advance on the date of the first Ordinary Meeting of the Winter Syllabus.

23 A member may resign from the Society at any time by giving written notice to the General Secretary.  If any member’s subscription is in arrears for more than two months their membership may be terminated without giving notice by an Officer of the Committee with immediate effect.

24 No member may vote at any meeting or exhibit at any exhibition or competition of the Society if his or her subscription is in arrears and, for the purposes of this clause, a member’s subscription will not be considered to be in arrears until one month after the date on which it was due.

25 Copyright in any photographic images submitted as entries for competitions or for any other Society events remains the property of the original author.  Members submitting competition entries or images for other events agree that the Society may use them for its own, non-commercial purposes (either electronically or in print), for example to publicise the Society’s activities.

26 The Society may be dissolved only by the consent of three quarters of the members present at a Special General Meeting called for that purpose.  Such a meeting will appoint a  liquidator and decide on the disposal of all Society funds and assets.

27 Rules governing all competitions do not form part of the Society’s Constitution and are therefore published in separate documents.

Data Protection Act 1998.

The membership records of Leeds Photographic Society are kept on a computer for record and mailing purposes. The data will only be used for the purpose of running the Society and may be disclosed to any Committee Member to enable them to discharge their duties.  If any member requires a print out of the data held, application must be made to the General Secretary.

Revised: April 2016