Committee minutes

Minutes of Committee Meeting held at 7:30 pm on Monday 17th September 2018


Clive Hudson, Howard Gould, Ian Wray, Bill Chatwin, Andrew Jack, Catherine Hilditch, Eva Pitt, Tina Bulley, Paul Armitage, Ted Clements

  1. Apologies: Monty Trent, Andrew Winfield
  1. Minutes of the last meeting on 26 June 2018

2a  Minutes of the last meeting on 26 June 2018 were approved

2b  Matters arising not covered by agenda

Following Mike Cooper’s resignation from the role of general secretary,
Eva Pitt has volunteered to fill the role until the 2019 AGM and was welcomed back to the committee as the new general secretary in accordance with clause 11 of the Society’s constitution after a vote by the remainder of the committee.

Annual Exhibition – Clive suggested that we need to approach Salts Mill (via Ian Biggins) soon to see if they are willing to allow us to hold our annual exhibition there again.  Action: Clive to discuss with Ian
The planned dates are to coincide with the Arts Trail time on May Bank Holiday.
We will consider running a raffle during the 2019 exhibition but Paul suggested that we may need a licence to run a raffle.  Action: Paul to check legal position.

LPS Website
Clive and Howard had discussed the possibility of changing the website back to the address with John Ferguson but he felt it would be very difficult.
The committee’s preference would still be to revert to the address and there was discussion about various options, including converting to a simpler package (such as Clickpic which would have significant restrictions and can’t be customized). Andrew J raised the possibility of having a custom website built which would allow for entry of competition images and overall society administration in the future. Action:  Andrew J to enquire about the approximate cost of a customized design.
Howard suggested more than one person should get trained in running the website.  Action: Clive to approach Geoff Bennett to see if he can help with the website.

Social media – need bigger presence – carry forward as Andrew W not present.  It was noted that there had been a good article in North Leeds Life.

In the light of the new GDPR regulations the committee has developed and Clive finalised a formal data protection policy for the Society.
Clive has sent details of our policy to all members.  Action: Clive to ask John Ferguson to add it to the Society’s website.

  1. Flickr group
    Howard set up an LPS Flickr group a year ago.
    Clive thinks it should now launch to all members.  Action:  Clive to publicise at meetings and via email.
    Possible obstacle for members may be joining Yahoo. Howard made a video of how to join Yahoo, but it is not on LPS website.  Action:  Clive to send link to all members.  Action: depending on response Howard to consider member tuition.
  1. Society newsletter
    Clive suggested reviving the society newsletter, perhaps quarterly, to be published on LPS website. The suggestion was to present a more interesting, visual, picture oriented magazine style e-letter, rather than just events reminder and competition news.
    A hard copy could be made available to see at the society desk and at Annual Exhibition.
    Other considerations were keeping the newsletter going beyond the first issue, having a small team of members to edit contributions and a question whether it would cover more than emails, the existing website and Flickr.
    Ted suggested looking at PAGB e-news for style
    Action: Clive to put together the first issue.
  1. Disposal of trophies
    Following the AGM agreement of the club trophies to be donated to the collections of Leeds City Council (Leeds Museums and Galleries) for a safe custody, a Transfer of Title Form (Number AH.18.21) was obtained and reviewed by the committee (copy attached).
    Approval was given for Clive to sign and hand over the trophies.
  1. Safeguarding policy
    Bill sent a draft of proposed safeguarding policy to committee members to consider prior to the meeting.
    Main points discussed were that as a voluntary society we are not under legal obligation to have a safeguarding policy. The society does not work with or organize events with groups that require safeguarding, and the general view was that the society should not be taking responsibility for members’ actions outside society activities. Guidelines for working with children and vulnerable adults do already exist in organizations such as RPS.
    Bill’s concern was not to put the society in bad light should an issue arise. At the very least members should be made aware of guidelines.
    Action:  Bill to re-draft the proposed guidelines, to include a referral to existing external guidelines.
  1. Problems with competition entries
    Andrew J reported that high proportion of members did not comply with sizing and labelling guidelines, sometimes even no names. Committee was asked for advice.
    Suggestions were to reject incorrect entries or issue a warning. If time permits – return entries for re-submission so as to encourage rather than discourage members.
    Entering online has been suggested – such as the YPU use.
    It was decided that entries by WeTransfer will be encouraged (rather than on USB or CD), because they contain email address for immediate contact, with the aim being for this to be the only route for submitting digital images in future.
  2. To make labelling simpler, keep prefix C (colour) and M (mono), but discontinue C2 and M2 for special mention. Any member wanting to be considered for a special mention category should state that in the comments section of the Wetransfer screen.
    Action:  Clive to send email regarding new rules to members, including a reminder of correct sizes and labelling.
    Rest of minor errors at Andrew’s discretion.
  3. Use of members images
    There is a paragraph in Constitution and on membership forms: if images are entered into LPS competitions, the society has the right to use images for LPS matters.
  1. Regular items
    9a  Financial report
    Paul supplied a summary report (attached).
    9b  Membership issues
    No issues, early days, still holiday time. 51  members have so far joined this year.
    9c Publicity
    Carry forward as Andrew W not present
    9d  Programme update
    Bill – Winter programme 2018-2019 is underway. Summer Programme 2019 framework has been prepared with event details to be determined.
    Bill prepared a questionnaire in the form of a list of options to be rated. Members to give an idea what is preferred for members evenings and other events. Action:  Bill to hand out  at a future meeting.  Action: Clive to distribute by email.
    Members to be asked to submit Plumpton Rocks images for their website.  Action: Clive to send email.
    Members to send any suggestions for speakers to Bill.
    Worth consideration when planning meetings – first talk date should be a good speaker and images, but not a very specialist topic, as potential new members visit at the start.

9e YPU & PAGB update
Ted – nothing to report
Members are invited to YPU & PAGB events.

  1. Any other business
    – For sale table: 1st meeting in October for a clearout, then each 1st meeting in a month.
    – Dinner – Ted – Menu to be organized this month, menu choices will be sent to members.
    – Tea rota – more people are needed.
    – Chairs and equipment set up – more members are needed to be involved and trained in  setting up equipment.
    – Inter club 3 on 16th March is hosted by LPS. Committee members were asked to be  available for support.
  1. Date of next meeting & thanks to host
    Clive thanked to Tina for hosting and all present at the meeting.
    Next meeting was scheduled for 7:30 pm on Monday 19th November 2018.