AGM minutes

Minutes of the 166th Annual general meeting held at St Edmund’s
 Church hall, Lidgett Park Road, Leeds LS8 1JN on 10th April 2018 

  1. Welcome to the membership – The President, Clive Hudson, opened the meeting and welcomed all in attendance.
  1. Minutes of the 165th AGM – The minutes were unanimously approved with no matters arising.

3.  President’s opening remarks – Clive explained that after streamlining the process of electing the committee last year he was now keen to reduce the bureaucracy further by simplifying the AGM. This year we have significantly reduced the number of trophies to be awarded. The main reasons are that several are in poor condition and it was felt that they were often not appreciated. There were also the logistical problems in handling them each year. One benefit of this is to shorten the AGM and allow more time for members to discuss and debate key issues, Clive encouraged members to express their views, positive or negative, as our aim is to always strive to improve.

  1. Treasurer’s report – In the absence of Paul Armitage, Clive read from a written report provided by Paul.

He, Paul, started by expressing his thanks to John Chester for his diligent auditing of the accounts. The report related to the financial year from 1st March 2017 to 28th February 2018
Despite the fact that total expenditure for the year increased by £450 over the previous year to £4421 the accounts show a surplus of £747, reduced from £1,124. Income remained fairly static at £5168, an increase of only £73 on last year.
As usual, the Society’s largest income stream was membership fees which totalled £3,087, down by £136 from the previous year. However, visitors contributed £151 with refreshments contributing a further £385. Thanks were expressed for all members who had contributed to providing refreshments throughout the year. A committee decision to reduce the number of nights that the sales table was open reduced its income to £48. Thanks were expressed to Judy for organising this.
Expenditure on speaker fees was the largest single outlay, however, as the quality of speakers has been increased over previous years it is considered to be money well spent. Venue rent, which was not increased over the previous year, is now our second largest expenditure. However, it should be noted that the Society has only received three of the four quarterly invoices due, therefore there will be an additional cost in next years accounts. Other expenditure is in line with expectation with the only notable item being a wireless microphone system at £136.
As a result of the above the Society now has a carried forward balance of £8,781, made up of monies held in a bank account and a small  amount of cash in hand. Paul expressed confidence that Society remained on a firm financial footing but expressed the view that he would like the balance to increase to around £10,000 in order to ensure that there were sufficient funds to cover any future unexpected expenditure, particularly on large items.
Paul expressed his willingness to continue as treasurer for the coming year but stated that he wished this to be his last.

  1. Presentation of awards – The following awards were presented by the president for the year 2017/18.

Robinson and Awmack Awards

Category Trophy Winner
Best set of prints Robinson Memorial Bowl Nicola Billows
Best set of PDI R H Awmack Trophy Tina Bulley

Annual Exhibition Prints

Category Winner
Pictorial Jose Closs
Portraiture & People Tina Bulley
Record & Architecture Eva Pitt
Nature Ian Wray
Sport, Action & Photojournalism Norman Robertson
LPS medal for best print in the exhibition Ian Wray

Annual Exhibition Projected Digital Images

Category Winner
Pictorial Eva Pitt
Portraiture & People Tina Bulley
Record & Architecture Jose Closs
Nature Nicola Billows
Sport, Action & Photojournalism Tina Bulley
Best PDI in the exhibition Jose Closs

Other Awards

Competition Award Winner/s
LPS competitions: Best Print Hopley Trophy Jose Closs & Ted Clements
LPS Competitions: Best PDI Simmons Trophy Jose Closs
Highest score in Interclub Award Certificate Nicola Billows
  1. Photographer of the Year – The award for the most outstanding photographer in the Society last year was given to Jose Closs.
    7. Disposal of Trophies – Clive outlined three options in order to start discussions.
    A.Silver trophies, with value, to be sold and non-silver, with little value, to be disposed of.
    B.Unwanted trophies to be offered to a museum.
    C.Offer all trophies to Leeds Museum Service or West Yorkshire Archives to form a permanent record of the Society.

Contributions from the membership included:

  • As the Lord Mayor of Leeds has a display cabinet in Civic Hall which is used as a rotating exhibition space it may be possible to occasionally display all 12 trophies.
  • It was considered inappropriate to sell trophies as they were donated by past or present members.
  • Concern was expressed the if donated to a museum that at some future time some or all could be deaccessioned from the museum collection and sold or otherwise disposed of.
  • LPS should ensure that they remain as a collection
  • Interest may be limited by the fact that some of the trophies are in poor condition.
  • It was suggested that members may wish to volunteer to be custodians of the trophies if no suitable home can be found.

It was agreed that Warren Smith would approach the Civic Hall to explore the possibility of display. Clive agreed to store them in the short term.

  1. Election of president – As there were no other offers to fulfil the role, it was agreed that Clive would continue.
  1. President’s remarks – Clive stated that last year had been another successful one for the society with some excellent talks, outings and competitions which had been well supported by members. He was also pleased to note that a number of new names were appearing in the competition entries and offering presentations at members’ nights. We also tried a new format in the summer competition with ‘5 of a kind’ which proved to be very popular, he also encouraged members to bring forward new ideas for the future.
    Clive expressed his appreciation for contribution of committee members who have decided to stand down this year.
    Eva Pitt has been a very efficient Competitions Secretary for 3 years
    Tony Biscombe as Programme Secretary has planned an excellent range of speakers and events. The 2018-19 winter programme is almost complete and he will help to finalise it before handing over.
    Ruth Baumberg has served on the committee for a number of years and been Membership Secretary in the past.
    Clive expressed his appreciation of Ian Wray for his support over the last year having effectively fulfilled the role of Vice President in the absence of an offer from the membership.
    Clive also expressed his thanks to the following committee members: Mike Cooper as General Secretary, Paul Armitage for organising the society finances, Catherine Hilditch for welcoming everyone to meetings and maintaining membership records, Andrew Winfield who has now taken on the role of Publicity Secretary, Monty Trent for his advice gained from experience at other societies, Tina Bulley who has now taken on the role of arranging the tea rota, Howard Gould for his efforts in setting up a Flickr group and Ted Clements who is not only a stalwart of the committee but has continued to represent the society at the YPU and Interclub.
    He also thanked John Ferguson for his work on upgrading the website, Judy Barker for the sales table, John Chester for auditing the accounts, Ray Hattrell for assisting Tony and Eva with the programme, Malcolm Bond for attending YPU with Ted and Ian Biggins for ensuring the Salts Mill is available for the annual exhibition.
    As stated earlier the society has not had a Vice president for the last year but Howard Gould has offered to put himself forward for the role.
    Clive stressed that if members have ideas of how to develop or improve the society please do not hesitate to talk to a member of the committee.
  1. Election of Officers

The following posts were agreed:

Vice President Howard Gould
General Secretary Mike Cooper
Treasurer Paul Armitage
Membership Secretary Catherine Hilditch
Programme Secretary Bill Chapman
Publicity Secretary Andrew Winfield
  1. Election of Committee – It was agreed that Monty, Tina and Ted would continue their roles on the committee and Andrew Jack would join as Competitions Secretary.
  2. Any Other Business – Ruth Baumberg proposed that the society reduce the number of mono competitions as there were many more entries in colour sections.

Responses from members included:

  • We should encourage mono as it often involves more consideration and effort.
  • Other clubs that had done this found that mono work had withered and died and not recovered.
  • In order to encourage mono work could there be a presentation on how to approach? It was confirmed that one of the talks this year is form Steve Gosling, one of the best at mono photography.
  • It was proposed that we combine mono and colour images in competitions but this was considered to be difficult for judges and mono was considered to be inappropriate in some categories, e.g. wildlife.

The membership agreed to maintain the existing equal split between colour and mono competitions.

The meeting closed with Monty Trent offering thanks, on behalf of the membership, to Clive for his work during the past year.

The president concluded the meeting by thanking all members for attending and contributing to the AGM and the meeting closed at 8.30 pm.