Inter Club 1

Inter Club Competition 1
Selection : 11th October 2022
Judged : 22nd October 2022

AuthorTitleHildyard Bowl
Ted ClementsMarbled whites and six spot18
Tina Bulleynight feeding18
Ted ClementsArctic fox19
Clive HudsonBroken windows15
Keith BrightwellThe Old Canal In Autumn16

Inter Club 2

Inter Club Competition 2
Selection : 1st November 2022
Judged : 7th November 2022

AuthorTitleHildyard Bowl
Sally GrahamSteps, Peace Hall, Halifax19
Norman RobertsonWinning Performance17
Chris CharlesworthAstral Dreams15
Ted ClementsKestrel focused on landing17
Nicola BillowsCurves and lines in the landscape20

Inter Club 3

Inter Club Competition 3
Selection : 28th February 2023
Judged : 18th March 2023

Inter Club 4

Inter Club Competition 4
Selection : 21st March 2023
Judged : 22rd April 2023