Inter Club 1

Inter Club Competition 1
Selection : 12th October 2021
Judged : 23rd October 2021

AuthorTitleHildyard Bowl
Karen GourlayThe Horse Whisperer19
Jose ClossSt Georges Landing20
Monty TrentEmbleton Beach17
Tina BulleyGrasshopper17
Nicola BillowsKeeping watch17

LPS are in 1st place with 90 points, 1 point ahead of 2nd place Cookridge

Inter Club 2

Inter Club Competition 2
Selection : 2nd November 2021
Judged : 16th November 2021

AuthorTitleHildyard Bowl
Tina BulleyThe Sport of Kings19
Chris CharlesworthPrivate Investigations20
Phil JewittKing of the fishers18
Nicola BillowsPelican Arabesque19
Ted ClementsThe mouse trap16

On the night LPS came 2nd with 92 points, 6 points behind Wakefield with 98 points.
Overall after 2 rounds LPS & Wakefield are joint first place with 182 points.
Cookridge are third with 178 points.

Inter Club 3

Inter Club Competition 3
Selection : 22nd February 2022
Judged : 16th March 2022

AuthorTitleHildyard Bowl
Eva PittFlowers in Ice15
Ray HattrellDune Safari15
Chris CharlesworthChanneling Leonard Cohen19
Jose ClossSailing Away16
Monty TrentSeven Arches16

After three rounds we are now fourth in the competition with 263 points.
Huddersfield are third place with 268 and Cookridge and Wakefield are joint top with 270.
It’s not impossible for us to catch up in round 4 and we have some excellent images selected so fingers crossed.

Inter Club 4

Inter Club Competition 4
Selection : 8th March 2022
Judged : 2nd April 2022

AuthorTitleHildyard Bowl
Chris CharlesworthThousand Yard Stare20
Eva PittColour explosion18
Tina BulleyLion cub15
Eva PittMore London Riverside16
Jose ClossThree up14