Best image in Exhibition  Misty Recessions by Eric Begbie

1Nicola BillowsBathing Beauties
2Nicola BillowsSquabbling Godwits
3Ted ClementsLuangua Leopard
4Chris CharlesworthRound Robin
5Tina Bulleypolar bear family waiting for better times ahead
6Ruth BaumbergScaeva pyrastri on geranium
Highly CommendedCatherine HilditchClematis
Highly CommendedGillian JohnstoneThe Eagle Has Landed
1Jose ClossCornflowers
2Monty TrentInto the Future
3Eric BegbieDancing in the Moonlight
4Ted ClementsRudbeckia and visitors
5Eva PittStill life with redcurrant
6Tony BiscombeMagnificent beasts - the Kelpies
Highly CommendedKeith BrightwellAutumn Light
Highly CommendedRosemary CallinanOrnamental Peony
Sport & Action
1Ted Clements100 percent effort
2Gillian JohnstoneDid it without Capsizing.
3Ted ClementsWhat happens next
4Nicola BillowsAireborn
5Ian WrayRapid rider
6Chris CharlesworthOn a Silver Black Phantom Bike
Highly CommendedMonty TrentJumping for Joy
Highly CommendedPhil JewittNot again!
Architecture & General Record
1Ian BigginsThe Tulip Stair, Queen's House, Greenwich
2Jose ClossStairwell, Manchester Brittania Hotel
3Monty TrentThe Leeds Library
4Karen GourlayLeeds City Library
5Doug McwilliamCold Reflections
6Norman Robertson"THE" Forth Bridge
Highly CommendedMark LawrenceVenetian letterbox
Highly CommendedJohn ChesterWindow detail Parish Church Ripley
Portrait, People & Figure Studies
1Eva PittAndy the very inky dude at sunset
2Chris CharlesworthRock God
3Ruth BaumbergDerin, an Iraqi Kurd
4Mark LawrenceDay of the Dead bride
5Andrew WinfieldYippeee. Back to school!
6Karen GourlayBest Friends
Highly CommendedJose ClossMatching lipstick
Highly CommendedTina Bulley
1Eric BegbieMisty Recessions
2Jose ClossTuscan poppies
3Eric BegbieSunrise Reflections
4Ian BigginsWoodland Glade
5Keith BrightwellChevin Park Woodland
6Phil JewittTowards Fundindelve
Highly CommendedMonty TrentLoch Maree Dawn
Highly CommendedKaren GourlayThe Louvre