Competition themes

LPS Competitions. 2017 – 2018

LPS 1    Hand in 12th Sept. 2017.   Judging 19th September
Set theme     JUNK     Digital Mono

LPS 2    Hand in 10th October 2017  Judging 24th October
Set theme    MOVEMENT   Print Mono

LPS 3    Hand in 14th Nov 2017  Judging 26th November
Set theme    BOOK TITLE      Digital Colour

LPS 4    Hand in 2nd  Jan 2018  Judging 16th January
Set theme    NATURE CLOSE UP   Print Colour

LPS 5    Hand in 23rd Jan 2018  Judging 6th February
Set theme    AFTER DARK   Digital Mono

LPS 6    Hand in 13th Feb 2018  Judging 27th February
Set theme   AUTUMN  Print Colour

Robinson and Awmack trophies    Hand in 24th October 2017
Judging at the Annual Dinner 7th November

Exhibition Prints                 Hand in 6th Mar 2018   Judging 20th March
Exhibition Digital                Hand in 6th Mar 2018    Judging 27th March

For further information about these competitions please see Eva Pitt