Competition rules


1_LPS General Competition Rules 2018 onwards
This document provides an overview and general rules which apply to all LPS competitions,and includes descriptions of the image categories.
It should be used in conjunction with the specific document below, which applies to the particular competition you are entering

2_LPS 1 to 6 Guidelines 2018 onwards
Detailed information for both Prints and Digital Images being entered in the six LPS competitions held throughout the winter. It includes sizes and the format of titles etc.

3_LPS An Ex Guidelines 2018 onwards
Detailed information regarding entries for the Annual Exhibition

4_LPS An Ex Entry Form 2018 onwards
Entry form which must accompany entries to the Annual Exhibition both Prints and DPSs

5_LPS Inter Club Guidelines 2018 onwards
Detailed information on the criteria and selection method for images entered for Inter-Club selection evenings, including an explanation of the Set Theme and Set Subject sections

LPS R & A Guidelines
To be updated

LPS R & A Entry Form

To be updated