Committee minutes

Minutes of committee meeting held on Monday 6th March
2017 at Ian Wray’s house.
Present: Ian Wray, Clive Hudson, Ted Clements, Tony Biscombe, Mike Cooper, Eva Pitt, Ruth Baumburg, Tina Bulley, Paul Armitage, Catherine Hilditch.
1. Apologies: Monty Trent, Andrew Winfield, Stephanie Bigglestone.
2. Minutes of the last meeting on 16th January 2017 were accepted as a true record.
3. Composition of committee next year – Clive H. tabled a proposal which
included those officers who had offered to continue into next year. There are two posts which need to be filled, that of Vice president and Publicity Officer.
Clive H agreed to draft a request for volunteers, Mike C. to distribute members with nominations to be returned to Mike C., Ian W. or Clive H. Ted C. confirmed that these posts involved a commitment of at least two years.
There followed detailed discussion around possible members to be involved.
Clive H. agreed to discuss with other general committee members as to their wish to continue to be involved and their potential to add value to their present role.
Eva P. confirmed that she only wished to continue in her present role as
Competitions Secretary for one more year but did offer to continue on the
Programme Committee. The search will therefore be on for an apprentice to support Eva with a view to taking over the role. The main criteria are excellent organisational skills and access to transport. The role of projectionist will require a number of members to be trained to use the equipment in order to fulfil the needs of the society.

4. Programme update – Tony B. confirmed that the summer programme was complete with three outings confirmed. However, it will be necessary to swop the Bolton Abbey trip with that to Middleton Railway.  Ian W. to confirm.  It was agreed that the list of officers on the back of the programme leaflet was to include only names of the President, General Secretary and Programme Secretary.
It was confirmed that David Goodyear was not available and in his place Phil Ogden will demonstrate layers, also Gavin Press will give a talk on 31st October. A visit to the Victoria Quarter in Leeds between 7.00 and 9.00 pm on 12th December has been confirmed by their Marketing Manager.  A mock up of the Winter Programme leaflet was tabled by Tony B. who confirmed that Monty T. had agreed to the use of one of his images to be used on the front cover.  Paul A. confirmed that four advertisements would be included.
Ian W. confirmed that he had had 30 expressions of interest in the visit to Tropical World. Clive H. agreed to draft an itinerary for the Bolton Abbey visit, Mike C to distribute.
In return for the offer of a visit by members of the society to the Middleton Railway LPS have agreed to run a training day for up to 14 Middleton Railway volunteers on 6th May.

5a. Finance – Paul A. confirmed that the Society had had a financially sound year with a carried forward total of around £8,067 at the year end. There was some discussion around fees for judges including travel costs but all were considered to be within guidelines. Following further discussion it was agreed that the society should aim to have a reserve of £10,000 which would ensure that the largest potential cost, that of projector replacement, could be met comfortably. It was also agreed that a proposal be put forward to keep subscriptions for next year at £40.

5c. Publicity – It was agreed that an article is needed for the North Leeds Life in May relating to the Annual Exhibition with an image of the venue. This would then be sent to YPU for distribution.

6. YPU and PAGB Update. – Ted C. confirmed that there were now 73 clubs/societies in the area affiliated to the YPU but that membership in each was tending to fall, also subscriptions are to be maintained at previous levels. The Annual Exhibition and Assembly is due to take place in Huddersfield on 18th May. LPS had submitted 109 prints and digital images from 10 members. Ted noted that only 9 images were submitted by young photographers.  Full details are on the YPU website.
Ted C. confirmed that 30 photographers attended the recent PAGB advisory day, that Gordon Jenkins is the new president, that judges may now charge 45p per mile for travel and that a new judges list will be published in August.

7. AOB – It was confirmed that the LPS insurance policy did not cover the use of members equipment and it was agreed that the additional premium could not be justified.
There was discussion around the improvers group and it was agreed that this would be reviewed after the next session.

Next meeting. –  Appreciation was offered to Ian for the use of his house and the provision of refreshments with the next meeting to be on Monday 8th May at Ruth Baumberg’s House