Committee minutes

Minutes of Committee Meeting held at 7:30pm on Tuesday 26th June 2018 at 3 Sadler Copse, Leeds, LS16 8NW


Clive Hudson, Howard Gould, Ian Wray, Catherine Hilditch, Andrew Winfield, Ted Clements, Monty Trent, Tina Bulley, Bill Chatwin, Andrew Jack.

  1. Apologies: Mike Cooper, Paul Armitage

Andrew Jack was welcomed as the new competition secretary and Bill Chatwin as the new programme secretary

  1. Minutes of last meeting 26th March

2a Amendments /approval minutes were accepted and thanks to Ian

2b Matters arising not covered by agenda

Tina suggested inviting Sue Leonard to give a talk to the membership regarding Lightroom/Photoshop techniques.

Bill to consider for future programme

Annual Exhibition – Clive suggested that we need to approach Salts Mill earlier to see if they will accept us holding a raffle.

Clive to discuss changing the web site domain name back to with John Ferguson

  1. General Secretary role

Mike has said he wants to resign from the role of club Secretary. It was decided that the membership would be asked to see if anyone would want to take on the role. It was also suggested that members of the committee could take on the role of taking minutes at committee meetings and at the AGM if there was no Secretary.

All to suggest possible candidates to Clive.  Clive to raise with the membership or approach individuals.

  1. Non-committee roles

Discussion took place regarding the membership of the Programme sub committee which is chaired by Bill and with Andrew as a member.  Another member is required and Monty suggested that  a non-committee member should be approached to join. There was further discussion relating to how we might find suitable speakers.
Ted is happy to continue to be YPU representative along with another member. Howard agreed to be the second representative for attending YPU meetings.
Ted and Clive agreed to continue as inter club representatives for the coming session ending March 2019.

John Chester to be asked to continue as auditor.

John Ferguson and Geoff Bennett to be asked to be web masters.

Some discussion took place highlighting the importance of having a bigger presence on social media e.g. Facebook, Twitter, perhaps uploading interesting articles each week. This would need to be coordinated by the Publicity Secretary. Bill also suggested notifying “Leeds Inspired” of our events.

Andrew to develop.

  1. Disposal of trophies

Leeds City Council has been contacted with a view to offering them the club trophies. The matter was ongoing and Clive is awaiting further feedback from the council, including the terms of a written agreement with the council covering the donation.
The committee authorised Clive to sign a donation agreement with the council which is either based on an indefinite loan (where the Society retains ownership) or a donation (where ownership passes to the council) with a condition that if the council wish to dispose of the trophies in future they must be offered back to the Society at no cost and only disposed of by the council if the Society does not wish to take them back.  If the council insist on an outright donation with no residual rights for the Society, Clive must discuss the specific terms further with the committee and get approval for those terms prior to signing.

Clive to sign documents and hand over trophies if the conditions are met.

  1. GDPR

The GDPR policy document was discussed. It was suggested that the grace period for deleting details should be a specified period. Ian suggested that section 1 should mention members photos.

Clive to finalise the document and then make available via the website and email to every member.

Bill suggested that there should be a safeguarding policy too however Monty said that this had been addressed by the YPU and in the following documents

Bill to consider if still required and, if it is, raise as an agenda item for the next meeting and propose what action the Society should take.

  1. Programme update

Bill thanked Tony Biscombe for the substantial support he had received during the handover of the role of Programme sub committee chair. The winter programme for 2018-19 was now ready in draft form and that suggestions for the summer programme were being received. A discussion took place regarding how members interests may be addressed one suggestion was to undertake a brief questionnaire consisting of direct choices. It was pointed out that in the past it had not been easy to identify exactly what members were interested in.

Bill to draft questionnaire for September

Further discussion took place regarding whether competition winners could discuss how they produced their images. Members evenings could also be more focussed on how to improve images. Ideas for members evenings were welcomed and should be sent to Clive or Bill.

All to send any ideas.

  1. Retaining members

Discussion took place relating to how to retain members. In particular what new members might be looking for. Monty suggested issuing a little booklet to new members which would outline what existing members had gained from joining the society. Howard suggested having two levels of competition to try and encourage less experienced members however it was decided that this was not a suitable approach. Catherine suggested more panels evenings. Various other ideas were discussed including having a 10-minute slot to give guidance on upcoming competitions, having specific beginners’ evenings (outside normal Tuesday meetings) and inviting one new member to future committee meetings.

  1. Regular items

9a Financial report

Paul supplied a summary report.   D:\LPS\Committee Matters\2018-19\Income Expenditure Report.pdf

9b Membership issues

Catherine had streamlined the membership Excel List by removing unwanted columns. There were currently 83 registered members a slight decline on the previous year.

9c Publicity

It was noted that Facebook and Twitter should be updated regularly. The posters for the Annual Exhibition had been well received.

9d YPU and PAGB update

Ted summarised his report (see attached).

  1. Any other business

Monty suggested that sharing speakers with other clubs may help to reduce costs for speakers coming from outside the area.

Bill to consider for future programmes.

  1. Date of next meeting & thanks to host

Ian proposed thanks to Clive for hosting the meeting. The date of the next meeting was scheduled for 7:30pm on Monday 17th September 2018 at Tina’s home: 28 Gledhow Valley Road, Leeds, LS8 4DP.

Signed:                                                                Date